¿All options are on the table?

José Daniel Ferrer - Coordinador General de la UNPACU

While “all options are on the table”, Maduro orders shooting people and the Cuban regime sends more and more agents and repressors.

SANTIAGO DE CUBA, Cuba. By José Daniel Ferrer. April 5, 2019.

The interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, can end up in prison at any time. Undoubtedly, he is a brave man, and since he decided to assume the interim presidency and call the people to throw the usurper Nicolás Maduro, he knows the risk he runs. I admire his courage and optimism. My confidence in the allies of Guaidó, which are also ours, has been decreasing. I wish I was wrong; I want to make a mistake! But I see that they do not realize that each day that passes, it runs away more and more the possibility of getting Maduro out of power. The unarmed people of Venezuela, sunk in the deepest misery, cannot successfully confront the Venezuelan military and “colectivos”, thousands of Cuban agents, the growing military support of Russia and the Communist China’s economic sustenance.

El usurpador Nicolás Maduro

The case of Guaidó and of Venezuela, reminds me of an old story about a friend: He was in a squad of a military unit where he had been sent to pass the Mandatory Military Service. In that place, the law of the strongest and most daring ones prevailed. Isn’t it the case in almost all of our world? There, alliances of various types were established, mainly regional, in order to have as much influence and control as possible. Among the recruits in their municipality there was a very intelligent and strong. In his projections it could be read something like “all options are on the table”.

In addition to being from the same municipality, this fellow and my friend shared the taste for literature, cinema and some sports. The first one had been there for a year, quite well fed and exercised: he looked like a Kick boxing fighter. Instead, my friend had just arrived from the previous preparation, very thin and not at all athletic. My friend said: “Here there is a good ally”. But time puts everything in its place. One day, my friend returned from visiting his family and found a fellow from another municipality hailing the four winds that had defeated and humiliated his “great ally”. He decided to confront him immediately, and the guy, who was undoubtedly very brave, nothing to do with Maduro, before my friend’s attack, planted white flag. From that day my friend was a kind of George W. Bush who gave any Saddam Hussein 48 seconds to leave wrong positions.

While the main representatives of the first power of the free world (Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, John Bolton and Elliott Abrams), expressed that, in the search for a solution to the serious crisis in Venezuela, “all options were on the table”, Nicolás Maduro, Raúl Castro and Vladimir Putin, increasingly emboldened seeing the anemic reaction of the US and its allies to their excesses, continue forward with their plan to occupy the entire “table” and leave no obstacle to their ambitions even below or on the sides of this. Dangerous trio of jackal, old wolf and bear bully boys.

When, on January 23, Engineer Juan Guaidó declared to assume the interim presidency of Venezuela, under Article 233 of the Constitution in force in the country of Bolívar, and the President of the United States, Donald Trump, expressed his full support, to which then more than fifty nations joined, including Canada, Brazil, Colombia, the United Kingdom, France and Germany, many of us believed that Maduro and his crimes were numbered.

On the eve of the fraudulent referendum of the Castro-communist regime to impose its new constitution, as Stalinist as the previous one, we found ourselves, peaceful opponents, on hunger strike, surrounded and harassed, protesting the increase of repression in Cuba, but we waited with joy on the 23rd that humanitarian aid should enter Venezuela. Guaidó assured that the aid would enter. But it did not enter. The allies of the Venezuelan democrats, with the USA at the head, could do much more than they did for the aid to enter. The president in charge did what he had to do and then he came back bravely. His allies failed. The firmer continued with his slogan: “all options are on the table”, while Maduro ordered to shoot the people and the Cuban regime sent him more and more repressive agents. The rest, always inconsistent, rejected and rejected the only surgery that can end a cancer.
The bad guys continued taking daring steps and observing the reactions of the allies of Guaidó. The ¨Colectivos¨, a kind of “brown-shirt” ones, shooting against the demonstrators, the SEBIN persecuting and imprisoning rebellious military and the opposition; the Lima Group ruled out a military intervention; the bad guys imprisoned Roberto Marrero, head of the Guaidó office; USA’s words: “Do not touch Guaidó”; Cuban agents torturing; Eliot Abrams worded: “We’re not playing Maduro”; the Chavista Assembly withdraws parliamentary immunity to Guaidó; the European Union rejected the lifting of immunity…. Maduro does not care what the EU says, he expects more weapons and Russian military. “Josep Borrell renounces to deal on Venezuela in NATO“… and Eliot Abrams considers that a military reaction in Venezuela would be premature.

It would be terrible if history was repeated and that the US and the West do to Venezuela now what John F. Kennedy and all the West did to Cuba in the 1960s, leaving it alone to the appetite of a megalomaniac like Fidel Castro who turned our homeland in a satellite of the Soviet empire and that put the world on the verge of the third and last world war by installing missiles with nuclear warheads in the Greater Antilles. How many wars and deaths on the continent and in other lands because of the Napoleonic ambitions of the Cuban dictator, how much misery and violations of human rights! I wish I was the wrong one. And if I am not, Guaidó and the Venezuelans, the Cuban and Nicaraguan opponents, we all must continue forward as my friend, the one in my previous story, with our own strength, not waiting for friends who seem very strong but in practice, many times they do not go beyond the slogan “all the options are on the table”.


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