open letter from UNPACU to Donald Trump

Logotipo Unión Patriótica de Cuba (UNPACU)

Full content of the open letter delivered today, February 18, 2019, in Miami, Florida, United States:

Logotipo Unión Patriótica de Cuba (UNPACU)

February 18, 2019

The Honorable Donald J. Trump

President of the United States

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington D.C.


Dear Mr. President,

First and foremost, we want to thank you for your unwavering support of freedom and democracy for the Cuban people. For the past 60 years our nation has lived under a veil of darkness at the hands of a brutal dictatorship that through fear and repression suffocates its citizens. On February 24th, the hand-chosen Castro successor Miguel Diaz Canel will present under the guise of “elections” an image that the Cuban people are voting on a “referendum” to the Constitution. To quell the efforts of those that peacefully and legally promote the “NO” vote, the regime has alarmingly increased the repression against them.

The Patriotic Union of Cuba in particular has been the target of this repression. We have seen during the last week heavily armed forces of the Ministry of Interior violently raid fourteen homes of its members, knocking down doors and barging in while families are sleeping. Children, elderly and pregnant women have been dragged out of bed, minors stripped naked and searched and countless items stolen including medicine, food and personal effects.  Actions that without a doubt qualify as state terrorism.

Since February 11th, the regime’s repressive forces have permanently surrounded the organization’s headquarters and have arrested those that attempt to enter or exit. For example, a 16-year-old has been beaten and detained as he left the headquarters in search of food for his 23-month-old niece since food items were stolen during the raid.  Although repression has been occurring with unusual fury in the last few days, actually since our campaign for the “NO” to the Constitution began, the regime has increased its attacks against us.

The 79 undersigned members of the Patriotic Union of Cuba are on a hunger strike and respectfully ask that you join us in denouncing the fraud of the illegitimate Constitution.  We will continue to promote the citizen vote for a NO to a constitution that violates the most basic democratic norms and intends to legitimize the system of oppression established in Cuba for 60 years. On February 24th, we invite the Free World to join this call and make it clear to neo-Castroism that its system of government is not acceptable in the 21st century.

NO to an illegitimate Constitution and a regime that violates the rights of its people!


  1. José Daniel Ferrer García
  2. Carlos Amel Oliva Torres
  3. Tomás Núñez Magdariaga
  4. Aníbal Reveáis Figueredo
  5. Alexis Rodríguez Chacón
  6. Ebert Hidalgo Cruz
  7. Roberto Almaguer González
  8. Fernando González Vaillant
  9. Niuvis Bicet Romero
  10. Iam Gamez Gell
  11. Roilan Zarraga Ferrer
  12. Sandy Ramírez Águila
  13. Arianna Ávila Gilart
  14. Yordanys Labrada Téllez
  15. Manuel Mustelier Tamayo
  16. José Bell Gracial
  17. Santiago Echevarría William
  18. Jorge de la Torre Montesino
  19. Soilan Hung Fernández
  20. Abel Peña Carcajal
  21. José Antonio López Piña
  22. Juan Giraldo Peña Sánchez
  23. Luis Enrique Peña Carcajal
  24. Eliécer Gongora Izaguirre
  25. Ricardo Jiménez Sánchez
  26. José Castillo Ríos
  27. Ricardo Torres Hernández
  28. Eliecer Cruz Tamayo
  29. Adrián Quesada Flores
  30. Ángel Hinojosa Castellano
  31. Leyanis Heredia Salazar
  32. Wilder Cervantes Cusa
  33. Fernando Isael Peña Tamayo
  34. Yordankis Salgado Días
  35. Adriana Portuondo Yero
  36. María Cala Aguilera
  37. Maidolis Oribe Perdono
  38. Moraima Díaz Pérez
  39. Yidel Suárez Saiz
  40. Adrián Ochoa Portales
  41. Rubén Torres Saiz
  42. Leonardo Pérez Gracet
  43. Dainieris Moya García
  44. Isidro de Dios
  45. Bartolo Cantillo Romero
  46. Leoncio Rodríguez Ponce
  47. Isael Aleaga Pérez
  48. Oris Leyva Ramírez
  49. Cristian Pérez Carmenate
  50. Daniel Enrique Quesada Chaveco
  51. Elber Pérez Pérez
  52. Lorenzo Curbelo Céspedes
  53. Ilda Reyes Almaguer
  54. Yessica Miranda Miquel
  55. Katherine Mojena Hernández
  56. Evert Luis Hidalgo Ladrón de Guevara
  57. Yoandri Matos Guindo
  58. Zaqueo Báez Guerrero
  59. Manuel Arias Columna
  60. Alexis Pérez Lescayes
  61. Edgardo Goile Fonseca
  62. Wilson Quintero Cabrera
  63. Carlos Miguel López Santos
  64. Cosme Damián Domínguez Peñalver
  65. Roberto Cedeño Rojas
  66. Manuel de Jesús Guillén Espulgas
  67. Boris Agustín Osorio Ramos
  68. Geordanis Muñoz Guerrero
  69. Yenisey Jiménez Reyna
  70. Ernesto Oliva Torres
  71. Miraida Martín Calderín
  72. Yeridian Álvarez Martínez
  73. Niurvis Cruz Pérez
  74. Miguel Ernesto Pérez Parra
  75. Ovidio Martín Castellanos
  76. Yulisney Richard Viel
  77. Arelis Rodríguez Chacón
  78. Yordanis Manuel Martínez Lemus
  79. Yordanis Chávez Roll
  80. Other 10 activists have been added since last 3 hours accounting to 89 in total

2 thoughts on “open letter from UNPACU to Donald Trump

  1. El exodo y el exilio cubano se terminara el dia que todos nos unamos para termianr con el gobierno del PCC en Cuba. El culpable de todas las calamidades imperante en la isla se debe al mal gobierno de Fidel y Raul Castro.

  2. Luchemos por una cuba libre,abajo los castros,abajo la dictadura castrista,libertad para todos los presos políticos que viven cada día de torturas y amenazas constante por solo pedir libertad.

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