Cuban police manipulate and intimidate a witness who saw the origin of aggression by the population towards an official of the state security

UNPACU (Unión Patriótica de Cuba)


After the stoning of a member of the Ministry of the Interior by the population …



  • Jesús Martínez Quintana, neighboring the district of Altamira, in Santiago de Cuba, declares how he saw clearly that the stone came from a place opposite to the house where the UNPACU activists were retained.
  • Political police arose in his house with his family and tried to press him. After this, they cited him in police units to take his statement.
  • Upon arrival, Jesús Martínez Quintana, who is not an UNPACU activist, found that the police had prepared a statement for him to sign. After refusing to sign acts that did not conform to the truth, the witness requested a statement to be taken with the truth. Five hours, from 8:30 to 13:00, on which he stood his ground to declare the truth of the facts.
  • While we had an interview via telephone, Jesús Martínez Quintana tells us that at that time there was a State security officer watching him closely.


Santiago de Cuba, December 14th 2013 24:00. UNPACU.

 On December 12 this month, 23 activists were violently detained in the house of one of them. The political police entered violently. The population, seeing all these days cases of extreme violence of the police towards the human rights activists of the UNPACU in Santiago de Cuba, got mad and began stoning the policemen.

One of the stones hit the face of a member of the Ministry of the Interior, which had to be was admitted to the local hospital by the effects of the blow.

Jesús Martínez Quintana, a non-UNPACU activist, neighbour of Altamira, Santiago de Cuba, was an exceptional witness. He was a few meters away from the hit, and saw both the stone path and the moment it hit on the face of the official.

6 activists of the UNPACU are being accused of “causing the environment” that led neighbors to throw stones to the political police, and now try to delve into the possibilities of blaming the activists about what happened, trying to manipulate the testimony of the witness intimidating him.

Testimony of Jesús Martínez Quintana taken in video



Jesús Martínez Quintana also spoke with UNPACU via telephone and told us what happened:

Among the statements of Jesus, we summarize the following:

Jesús Martínez Quintana: “The stone did not came out of the house”

JMQ: “[The stone] It hit him on one side of the face”

JMQ: “In no case the stone came out from within the house. They were locked up in the house… In addition, to get out to throw a stone they had to go through the police…”

JMQ: “They appeared all at my house, in front of my children and my wife, who were terrified… seeing all those officers of the State Security”

JMQ: “I was told to appear today at 8:00 in the morning on the unit’s operations of Minint, the State Security, in the neighborhood of Versailles [Santiago de Cuba]”

JMQ: “When I got there, they already had a statement made to their way and their purpose, which I did not agree to accept”

JMQ: “Yesterday, they made me a few simple questions… then they used these words that I said together with other many added by them… to their way and purpose without waiting for me to come to then be able to write it”

JMQ: “My reaction was to refuse and tell them that they had to make a statement in accordance with what I had seen, to the truth, not to a lie”

JMQ: “They didn’t like it [that I refused to sign their Declaration]”

JMQ: “After that I told the truth, they made me sign the document… attached to the last paragraph of what I said… But from these people I can expect anything, I don’t know if you know what I mean”

JMQ: “I am not afraid… in these moments I have one security officer that is close to the side of where I am, seems to me they are watching me… looks like they sent him directly to see if I was here”

JMQ: “I am to maintain firm all the time my statement, supporting the Patriotic Union [UNPACU]”


As we have been informed, the agent who is watching Jesús Martínez Quintana calls himself agent “Fran”.

If you want to call Jesús Martínez Quintana, you can do so through Rebeca Santiago, in + 53 58 10 0181.

14 UNPACU activists begin hunger and thirst strike

UNPACU activists that participated in the repression event we bring to you in video were arrested minutes after this video was taken:



23 activists were arrested the 12th in the Altamira neighborhood with extreme violence. When they reached the Micro9 unit in Santiago de Cuba, they suffered a tremendous beating again and were denied medical care.

In addition, the 14 remaining detainees have been forced to be standing up with their hands on the nape of the neck, for 6 hours, with the threat of that if moving they would be hit again. We have this information by an eyewitness, the activist of the UNPACU Yanisleidis Fong, who was also detained with them and now has been released.

After all of this, 14 activists in the Micro9 Unit of Santiago de Cuba have declared themselves on hunger and thirst strike.

Another activist, Gohart Cruz, is being held in the 3rd Unit of the political police in Santiago de Cuba. Apparently the beatings he received are so strong that they wanted to have him retained. The UNPACU believes that they not release him yet to make less noticeable disfigurement caused by all the blows he has received.

The names of 14 activists detained and in terrible condition are:

  • Emenelio Céspedes Hernández
  • Gohart Cruz Zamora
  • Daniel Barrier Sanjurjo
  • Wilton Castañeda
  • Wilber Cevantes
  • Ernesto Giménez Rodríguez
  • Angel Besses Veiries
  • Damaris Cabrera
  • Marta Marrero
  • Eduardo Fernández
  • David Fernández
  • Yaidel Martínez
  • Yoisel García
  • Yoandris Betancourt Castellanos

And have been liberated by now:

  • Eulises Reyes Ramis (liberated)
  • Enmanuel Robert Claramunt (de 14 años) (liberated)
  • Yanisleidis Fong (liberated)
  • Libertad Paneque (liberated)
  • Doraiza Correoso Pozo (liberated)
  • Jesús Herrera Ramos (liberated)
  • Solange de la Caridad Claramunt Ribaflecha (liberated)

Contact for details on this case with José Daniel Ferrer (+53 53 14 6740 / +53 58 32 3612) and with Ovidio Martín Castellanos (+53 58 22 8297)



José Daniel Ferrer, Cuba, Secretario Ejecutivo

  Teléfono: +53 53 14 6740 / +53 58 32 3612

Félix Navarro Rodríguez, Cuba, Coordinador General

  Teléfono: +53 53 68 87 45

Guillermo Fariñas, Cuba, Portavoz

  Teléfono: +53 52 41 5709

Luis Enrique Ferrer, Miami, Rep. en el Exterior

  Teléfono: +1 786 553 1666


Javier Larrondo, Madrid, Rep. en Unión Europea

  Teléfono: +34647564741


Website de la Unión Patriótica de Cuba:

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