Message to the American People and their Representatives


After important conversations during the last three days with fellow Cubans of diverse creed, race, gender, activism and ideology, but all supporters of democracy and very united in our desire to have a free and democratic Cuba, I send this sincere message to the People and to the politicians of the Homeland of Washington, Lincoln and Luther King:

At decisive moments for democracy in the United States and in the world, we send you our fraternal and caring greetings. We celebrate that you have been able to carry out, at critical times marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, the largest elections in the history of your great nation. We want its results to be processed and the victory granted, according to the just rules in force in the oldest and most stable democracy on the planet. We are confident that the wise legacy of the founding fathers, the courage of civil rights activists and the sacrifice of millions of men and women, those who have given their best for more than two centuries to preserve freedom and defend human rights in their homeland and in the world, will not be disappointed.

The United States of America, free and democratic, is not only an essential condition for the well-being of its inhabitants, but also for peace and progress throughout the free world. And in dark times when populists, terrorists and tyrants threaten freedom, your fate is also that of all humanity. Whichever candidate wins in these tight elections, we celebrate the process itself as an example of the future that we want to build in our long-suffering homeland, and we congratulate the winner while reminding him of the great challenge he will face during his term in office. Freedom is in danger on the planet.

From Cuba, subjected for more than six decades to a cruel despotism erected in the name of the oppressed, but laying on the backs and suffering of these ones, we tell you that we will continue to fight for freedom, democracy and the well-being of all Cubans. No matter how much the castro-communist regime increases its repression against peaceful opponents, independent journalists and the people in general, and whether we receive more or less solidarity from the democratic world, we the Cuban People need and want to be free, and we will fight until we achieve it or assume to die on trying so.

We hope that he who assumes the presidency on January 20 will continue the legacy of solidarity support for the cause of Cuban freedom. Not replacing the responsibility and the role that corresponds to us Cubans from within and from the diaspora in the fight to liberate our nation, but as the necessary and irreplaceable support, which we have always seen accompanying the deeds for independence and freedom of oppressed peoples.

Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua need bipartisan and citizen consensus in the USA to be strengthened in such support for our peoples and activists who struggle for freedom. The United States must increase actions, and sanctions, that affect the ability of regimes that oppress our peoples to enrich themselves and repress citizens. It is necessary to seek and implement multilateral and creative mechanisms to alleviate the impact of the exploitation by these dictatorships and also the effects derived from the necessary sanctions on the most vulnerable sectors.

The regimes of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, allies of Iran, Russia, China and North Korea, are not only harmful to our peoples but also continue to be a serious danger to freedom throughout the Hemisphere and to the security of your nation. They are not to be changed or appeased with concessions.

In these transcendental moments that humanity is living, we trust that you will, once again, rise to the occasion. And you can be sure that Cubans who love justice and freedom will be, with our humble strength, always with you. A democratic Cuba will always be a good friend and ally of the People and Government of the United States of America.


José Daniel Ferrer Garcia

General Coordinator of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) and promoter of CubaDecide

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