Proposal to the Cuban Nation


May 25, 2020

For a Cuba “with everyone and for the good of everyone”[*]

  • Cuba faces a crisis that may end in a national catastrophe
  • There is an urgent need to take measures to avoid worse damages
  • The regime shows no signs of the slightest goodwill
  • Without a firm and committed fight there are no positive changes
  • Contributing to the well-being of the Homeland is the duty of every good Cuban, whatever their ideology or beliefs

¨From the rights and opinions of their children is made a people, and not from the rights and opinions of a single class of their children, and the government of a people is the art of routing their realities, whether they are defiance or concerns, by the shortest possible path to the unique condition of peace, which is one in which there is not a single diminished right¨ José Martí


The Patriotic Union of Cuba, UNPACU, is a People that fights for its Freedom, for its Rights and for its Well-being. We Cubans live very complex times, after six decades of constant human rights violations, a proven failed economic management, systematic exploitation of workers and widespread misery, a new and difficult scenario is marked by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and the consequent economic contraction worldwide. Deep economic, political and social transformations are urgent in our homeland, if we want to prevent our already long and serious crisis from bottoming out and turning into a catastrophe with terrible consequences for our people, and that also affects neighbouring countries, mainly the United States, where thousands of desperate Cubans could try to arrive as an aspiration of final destination.

In times so dark and dramatic for our country, the undemocratic regime of Raúl Castro and Miguel Díaz-Canel, instead of listening to the clamor of the people and their demands for openness and solutions to our many and serious accumulated problems, responds with more police controls and repressive measures against the Independent Civil Society and the People in general. In a context in which there is a pressing need for rapid liberalization in the rules that regulate agriculture and the economy in general, so that we can produce food and other first necessity products, today so scarce and expensive, they persecute the “self-employed” and keep the peasants tied to absurd rules, while the State irrationally continues to control and maintains unproductive, or with very low production, the main lands of the country. As a priority, it chooses to seek external sources of financing instead of enhancing the desire and the will to generate wealth that Cubans desperately accumulate, thus falling repeatedly into the instability that causes such dependent aspiration.

Today, more than ever we, Cubans who live inside and outside Cuba, must unite and redouble efforts to end oppression that limits liberties and generates material-spiritual misery, and to help those most in need to face the growing hunger and poverty from day to day. Let us avoid and combat everything that prevents us from advancing, for the sake of the freedom and salvation of the Nation. We need and deserve a free, democratic, righteous, fraternal and prosperous Cuba. With the sum of everyone’s efforts, we can build that Cuba that every good Cuban wants. The “strength” of the regime, guilty of our serious problems, is based on our fears, in our fabricated confusion, our inaction and the lack of necessary unity among those of us who want a nation where all human rights and the full dignity of the person are respected..

History has shown that without popular pressure, there will be no real changes in the country. The real transition is only possible by fighting with firmness and courage for what is just and necessary. The best formula to know what the Cuban People (those from within and those from the diaspora) really want, at these critical moments, is consulting everyone in a Binding Plebiscite –Cuba Decide,– with all the guarantees so that it can be considered a true popular consultation, free and without coercion of any kind, where all citizens can make full use of the right to freedom of expression by any means that the civilized world puts in practice for such purposes. Said Plebiscite must count on the participation of Impartial, National and International Observers, such as the Catholic Church, the UN, the OAS and the European Union, among others, to offer our people transparency and security. This should be done as soon as the Covd-19 Pandemic allows it so. The Totalitarian State must not extend arbitrarily and unjustifiably the measures to combat the coronavirus for political purposes. Meanwhile, for humanitarian reasons, the following measures should be implemented:


  1. Eliminate any obstacle that prevents humanitarian aid from entering Cuba or hindering its distribution among the needy population. We are part of the commitment contained in the document titled: “It is time to close ranks against coronavirus infections, repression and misery”, signed by most organizations and personalities of the Independent Civil Society. See:
  2. Immediate cessation of repressive actions and harassment of members of Independent Civil Society and citizens in general. We have seen how the regime has increased, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the repression against many citizens, simply by posting photos and videos on social networks that illustrate the current reality of Cuba.
  3. Liberalization of agriculture and all the economy in general. We support the recent proposal of the League of Independent Peasants and the Cuban Chapter of the Latin American Federation of Rural Women, FLAMUR, known as: ¨With no countryside, there is no country¨, which demands: freedom of production, distribution, prices, import and export, elimination of taxes for ten years on food producers and processors and delivery of permanent property titles to all agricultural producers. Prohibitions and taxes on owners of the means by which agricultural products are transported should also be removed. We endorse the proposal of the Cuban Observatory of Human Rights (OCDH), where they expose ten urgent measures to face the coronavirus pandemic, among which the elimination of the 10% that the State imposes on family remittances in US dollars, the delivery of food [free], to the elderly, the sick and other vulnerable people and families, to activate food processing centers for the elderly and needy in companies and hotels in the State, to lower the rates of ETECSA’s telephony and mobile data, [also for electricity], as a minimum, we add, by 50%, among others contained in this text:


The Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) is a citizen organization that brings together Cuban men and women of good interests, interested in the freedom, sovereignty and prosperity of our nation, which is much more than a government or an ideology. We advocate for the effective unity of pro-democratic forces in the fight against oppression and misery suffered by our people, as well as against any variant that is imposed that advocates for exclusion and injustices. We are inspired by the ideas of the forgers of our nationality and the struggles of the heroes of our Independence: Father Varela, José de la Luz y Caballero, José Antonio Saco, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, the Maceo, Ignacio Agramonte and José Martí, among other famous Cubans.

UNPACU fights against all kinds of injustice, inequality and discrimination, promoting respect for all rights and all people. For this reason, its main objective is the establishment of a democratic order that combines the market economy, political pluralism, and the greatest possible equity and solidarity between the individuals and groups that are a part of our society..

In order to reach the homeland “with everyone and for the good of everyone” dreamed of by Martí, UNPACU works to attract, empower and train as many citizens as possible in the non-violent struggle. Our projects will only succeed if we manage to articulate a strong and disciplined mass movement that forces to oppressive structures and individuals to respect the fundamental rights and freedoms of all Cubans.

During the last years, we have witnessed how the regime has been forced to take certain measures and to yield on issues where it would never have yielded without the work of the Opposition and the increasing popular demand. As the Apostle said: “Rights are taken, not demanded; they are torn away, and are not begged for.”


A true economic reform is urgent: after six decades of tropical Stalinism, Cuba’s economy continues to be plunged into the deepest crisis in its history due to excessive state control and the lack of rights of workers and consumers.

The military conglomerates that control the main branches of the national economy impose an authoritarian capitalism. They operate without an impartial labour justice regime in favour of its workers, combining the worst of a savage market and a power-centralized state. Cuba’s internal shortages and external debt grow.

The regime does not demonstrate the slightest willingness to implement real economic reforms that allow the exit from such a critical situation. They were not enough the so many studies and proposals of pro-government specialists and research centers who are aware of the serious situation and conscientious of what the solution would be.

Industry, agriculture, fishing, transportation, roads, housing stock, water supply and sewerage are in crisis. The new Constitution does not guarantee rights and spaces that allow the liberation of the country’s productive forces. In 9 years they have not been able to implement the pale economic measures embodied in the so-called Guidelines of the economic and social policy of the Communist Party. Such an incapable government must not continue to govern the destiny of an entire people.

UNPACU defends a project of a social market economy where both the State and the markets, open to public control and citizen inputs, serve as mechanisms to generate personal and public prosperity. We believe in the fertile combination of all forms of ownership and production — small, medium, or large; national, foreign or mixed. We must establish in our nation legal guarantees for entrepreneurs and protection for Cubans in a precarious situation.

Cubans residing abroad must also have the right to invest in their homeland. We reject, taught by history, that state or private monopolies can be sources of well-being and freedom for all.

For this reason, we defend the realization of a true agrarian reform that recognizes full rights to those who work the land, eliminating the state latifundio in any of its manifestations, especially where it exists, and the authoritarian intervention, poorly planned and abusive, that distorts the market and affects producers, marketers and consumers.


We consider it convenient to learn from the favorable transitional agreements reached in Eastern Europe.At UNPACU we defend the property of those who have been declared owners of their home or farm after 1959, discarding expropriation or the payment of any rent. On the contrary, we consider that these, and all Cubans, must be converted into true owners, with the ability to freely decide on the use of their heritage or the purchase/sale of it. Cuba must be a country of free owners and producers.

Still, for former homeowners and property owners for family use and sustenance, compensatory formulas should be sought that do not affect third parties, nor generate new injustices and hatreds in a nation that needs authentic reconciliation.

As for the commercial properties and former companies expropriated by the current regime, which are now under state control, we recognize the right of their true owners to claim them in impartial judicial processes devoid of ideology. An impartial court must be established to resolve these cases so that justice prevails.


Cuban workers must have the right to freedom of association. The CTC is not a true union, but a control structure at the service of the Employer-State. There must be the right to strike, to decent working conditions, to collective bargaining, to minimum wages that allow the worker and his family a decent life. The arbitrary recruitment and the controls put in place by the State of the labor employed in companies with foreign capital must be ended. It must be ended the exploitation of doctors and other health workers, and other sectors, in the so-called “missions” abroad. y


No Cuban should be bothered because of their opinions. The State will seek education in debate and create valid inclusive spaces for its effective development. The contradiction of opinions is a source of development and a transparent way of national consensus. There must be media that are not subordinate to the government: newspapers, radio stations and private television channels, as well as a press law that prevents any monopoly on the mass media, requirements that are essential for having a free and informed citizenship. It is necessary to promote the development of culture and the mass media, freeing them from state control and political indoctrination. Art and creativity must be the free expression of the human being; without free art there are no free citizens or societies. Internet access -already considered a human right in various national and international conventions- must be promoted through public services. For example, free Wi-Fi zones must be provided in public places, libraries and schools, as well as promoting the private use of this service, ensuring that it is affordable and has the right quality. At UNPACU we believe that the monopoly of the state-owned company ETECSA should be eliminated and that a new space should be created where national and foreign companies can compete on equal terms, with the consequent improvement in their benefits and policies, which will be beneficial for the people.


A new electoral law must be approved that guarantees free, plural and competitive elections, where all sectors of society can participate, represented by different political parties and independent citizens on equal terms, unlike what happens with current voting. To guarantee the free and correct functioning of all political and civil parties and organizations, a new law on associations should be enacted that allows all Cubans to create parties and organizations according to the interests of each sector of the population.


Political prisoners and prisoners of conscience currently surviving in subhuman conditions in Castro prisons should be released immediately and unconditionally. In Cuba, no citizen should go to prison for political or opinion reasons. It is time to end the practice of punishing people who think differently than those who govern, and that has lasted for six decades.

All laws that violate rights that are recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in the International Covenants on Civil and Political and Economic and Social and Cultural Rights must be repealed. The Penal Code must be amended, the so-called “Pre-criminal Social Dangerous Law” and Law 88, better known as the “Gag Law,” should be removed, among other arbitrary laws.

Cuba needs a new, but true, Constitution. The one that has just been imposed is illegitimate and should not be accepted. And it is inconsiderable, as it does not guarantee true consensus and integration and The people must be able to democratically elect, without coercion of any kind and with the necessary guarantees, their delegates to a Constituent Assembly that is in charge of drafting a new Magna Carta that guarantees all the rights and freedoms universally recognized to all Cubans without exception, both those who live within the national territory and those of the Diaspora. The latter must also be allowed to participate in the debates and have representation in the elaboration of the new constitution and the laws that will govern the life of the Nation.


UNPACU is committed to food security and decent living wages that eliminate forever the daily odyssey of Cuban families, forced to invest their best energy in obtaining the minimum daily basic sustenance. We defend that public and private access to drinking water, cleaning products, clothing, footwear, electricity, communications, housing and quality transport, unfulfilled promises of Castroism, are concrete goals to be met by a future democratic government for the benefit of the people. Minor price cuts for some excessively expensive products and small increases in workers’ wages in some sectors are not the solution to such serious problems.


The State must continue guaranteeing free and universal education, improving its quality. The educational model to be implemented should foster pride in the best episodes in the History of the Homeland, civic awareness and entrepreneurship. Political indoctrination and forced labor of students must be eliminated. The creation of private study centers, including religious ones, must also be guaranteed. It is the parents or students of legal age who have the right to decide the education they want to receive, public or private. It is necessary to restore university autonomy and academic freedom.


We need to maintain and improve free healthcare for all. It should be recovered the primary health care system, now heavily affected by the export of medical services which the regime promotes with commercial and political objectives without adequate planning or sustainability. The creation of hospitals, clinics and private  medical offices should be legalized so that patients and health professionals have the right to choose where they receive due care and where they practice their profession. Health will be considered, along with education and social security, a non-negotiable right of all Cubans.


At UNPACU we maintain that a free and fair society requires the existence of order, in this case democratic. The Cuban police must fulfill the mission assigned to this body throughout the civilized world, which is to protect and serve citizens and not exercise, as at the present time, the government’s repressive arm.

The Armed Forces must be ready to properly face natural disasters, protect our coasts from international drug trafficking and contribute to the maintenance of regional peace. The Army and other armed forces must be dimensioned, in means and human resources, according to the needs and economic capacity of our nation.

The mission of the Armed Forces must be to defend the Homeland, not to serve a certain political party. Police and military will gain a lot with the democratization of Cuba. They would not have to persecute anyone for their ideas and they would have better working conditions and a more dignified life without rancor, earning the respect of the citizens. Mandatory Military Service must be abolished.


The serious national demographic crisis, which threatens to render the country unviable in a few years, forces us to pay special attention to our children and the elderly: the first ones, because they completely lack future perspectives; and the second ones, because they see —at the end of their journey— that all their efforts in life have been in vain, and that the current regime only guarantees them a miserable survival that shortens their lives. We must implement birth promotion policies and support for old age, as well as stimulate the return of human capital forced to emigrate due to the harsh circumstances in which our country lives.

Risky emigration should not be a massive option, and whoever favours it is complicit in its negative consequences and economic and public policies that stimulate Cubans to stay in the nation must be urgently implemented. The unity of the family in the Homeland is an essential objective to protect and stimulate, while respecting the legitimate right of people to emigrate.


UNPACU advocates the determined fight against racism and machismo, anti-values that have been reproduced and aggravated with the deficiencies suffered during the years of the so-called “Special Period.” These growing inequalities affect more black and mestizo people, as well as working women, especially in rural areas and in the interior of the country. Cubans in the interior of the country must be able to travel to Havana without being persecuted. There should be no absurd restrictions for travelling of our compatriots residing abroad. The government must not deny exit from or entry to the country to any Cuban.


All kinds of discrimination against believers must be ended. Religious denominations dedicated to the peaceful preaching of their faith and the common good must have their right to build new premises for their activities, as well as fraternal institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) founded by citizens in accordance with the interests they wish to defend or promote.

All civil, political, economic, social and cultural freedoms must be respected, without discrimination or privilege. Laws must guarantee and defend these rights for all Cubans.


It is necessary to improve the environment, fighting against the damages caused by the wrong industrial, agrarian and mining policies of the government, or any other form of entrepreneurship harmful to the environment, providing the latter with private facilities for improvement through investment without limits on technologies chosen at their choice. Cubans have the right to sustained and sustainable development. At this point, all national and international legislation that exists in this regard must be enforced. Protection processes that tend to reverse the environmental damage caused must be urgently established.


UNPACU believes in the need to revive Cuban sport through its massive practice. Athletes who so wish should be allowed to participate in professional leagues of any nation without being used as state-owned sources of income. Athletes living outside the country must be recognized their right to represent Cuba in international competitions, as is the case in the rest of the world..


The few healthy recreational options that exist in the country today must be expanded, and new ones must be created, without this translating into a greater increase in the already very high consumption of alcoholic beverages and drugs, mainly among youth who do not find sense to their lives and that live in constant frustration at the lack of opportunities in their homeland.


At UNPACU we believe that future Cuba -free, democratic and sovereign- must be a friend to the entire West, with whom we share history and values. We want a fraternal Cuba and an ally of the entire civilized world. It is unacceptable that the Cuban government has its best relations with regimes with the worst human rights record on the planet. We are in favor of respectful and constructive understanding and dialogue between all nations. Cubans must and will be the the leaders of the change towards democracy and the reconstruction of our homeland. However, we need and appreciate all selfless support. Solidarity among Democrats is sorely needed in our global village. The enemies of freedom have no qualms about supporting each other very much. We can see it with what happens today in Venezuela, where a criminal regime repudiated by the majority of the citizens and democratic nations of the planet, is sustained thanks to the support of the regimes of mainly Cuba, Russia, China, Iran and Turkey. The Castro regime must be punished, like its ally Nicolás Maduro, for its flagrant and serious human rights violations.


As a non-violent popular movement, UNPACU is inspired by successful precedents of peaceful struggle in the world. An example for us is the struggle of African Americans for their civil rights, led by Martin Luther King, as well as that of the people of India for their independence. For his pioneering role in the practice of this type of unarmed confrontation, we endorse the legacy of the Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi, who rightly said that “what is obtained with violence can only be maintained with violence.”

UNPACU recognizes in the long struggle of the Polish people against communism, a special source of inspiration and hope, because we have to face the same type of adversary, and because it was their struggle that opened the way to democracy for all of Eastern Europe. , despite the harsh conditions of economic crisis and Soviet military threat in which it had to operate.

Starting from these successful cases, and always considering the specific context of our country and our idiosyncrasy, UNPACU intends to break the pillars of dictatorial power, inducing society to deny it any support or cooperation, and taking to all corners of the Island our vision of the future, to unite around it all Cubans who are willing to give their best for the common good.

To outline its strategies and tactics for fighting, our organization relies on the existing theoretical and practical body in the field of non-violent fighting, and mainly on the work of Dr. Gene Sharp, for having dissected the mechanisms and structures on which dictatorships are sustained, and have defined systematized methods capable of disintegrating them with the least possible cost in suffering and human lives, also avoiding the emergence of new dictatorships. We trust in the application of Sharp’s thinking for having proven its validity in the overthrow of the Serbian dictator Milosevic in 2000, in the 2004 Orange Revolution in Ukraine and in the Arab Spring of 2011, to name just a few examples. This ideology, based on Thoreau’s concept of civil disobedience -developed by Gandhi- remains today a strategic reference for democratic movements around the world.

Adapted to our environment, it is possible to start applying the idea of civil disobedience by saying “NO.” That is: I DO NOT inform on people’s personal rights; I DO NOT vote in favor of government candidates; I DO NOT attend the meetings and marches that the government calls; I DO NOT participate in acts of repudiation… But in addition to saying NO to all that, we can carry out many other actions. That is why we urge you to reach out to those who in an organized way -the only way to achieve change- fight for your rights, and that together with us you contribute to making this dream come true. It is the constant and growing sum of small personal and daily actions that achieves a great change, without the need for martyrs or civil wars.

UNPACU awaits you to build together the Cuba that we all want: the free, righteous and prosperous Cuba that we must leave to future generations. We have a youth front and a feminine one to which more and more brave and intelligent Cubans, who love Cuba and who are not intimidated by the repression of the regime, responsible for the oppression and misery of the Nation, join every day.

To attract the largest number of citizens, UNPACU tries to clearly convey its healthy intentions, and demonstrate with its daily example that it is made up of good, honest and brave people concerned about the rights and well-being of all our people. Our behavior will always be the best: UNPACU members must be good patriots, good citizens and good neighbors; and they must demonstrate it with their daily behavior.

In the process of transition to democracy and in the reconstruction of our Nation, we all fit in and we must participate, all the children of Cuba, including the officials of the current Totalitarian State who are aware that our country must change for the good of all our People, and so that we leave future generations a free, righteous and prosperous country, without hatred or rancor.


To all the people around us: family, neighbors, friends … Especially, our message should reach all those who support the dictatorial regime, including police, members of the so-called State Security and members of the Communist Party. They are all our brothers, even if they think differently and repress their compatriots. We do not fear or hate them. Our message is for everyone; it is for freedom, justice and progress that would also greatly benefit today’s repressors.


Through the testimony of life, verbally, person to person, with audiovisual and printed materials, through art, with posters, graffiti, public demonstrations, rallies, etc.

What should activists do when a citizen expresses their interest in our fight? They must give away this document, along with other printed and audiovisual materials, so that people are fully informed about the struggle we are fighting. They should also put citizens in contact with the coordinator of the cell that is closest to you or that works best in the area


Firstly, the new entry must talk with the coordinator of the cell to which he or she will belong or with a member of the General Directorate of the Organization to agree on what their functions would be within the group, which will be specified according to the characteristics, level of commitment, knowledge, skills, talent and value of the applicant. The new member must receive the best education and training in the shortest possible time so that he can carry out the most effective work for a New Cuba, free, righteous and fraternal.

UNPACU members are grouped into cells of between 5 and 30 members, preferably, with the important mission of developing the most dynamic pro-democratic work in the area where they reside, and beyond, taking into account the ability of each group to act. Our intention is for new leaders to emerge from each cell capable of creating new cells in each city or town and in the Cuban countryside. If the dictatorship created a CDR in each block to control us all, UNPACU must create a cell in each block to end the dictatorship and bring freedom, well-being and happiness to our land.

All UNPACU members have duties and rights within our organization. Each UNPACU activist must commit to bringing at least one guest to the cell-based workshops and video discussions. Weekly, each activist must deliver our videos and prints to at least ten people. Each activist should visit relatives of political prisoners in their locality to express their solidarity, at least once a month. Each activist must participate in some action in favor of the community, the elderly, sick and children in need, at least three times a month.

Each cell will write a report of the month’s work, where the actions of each day and each member will be collected, with the intention of being able to evaluate the progress of work in each area: measuring if it grows and strengthens, or if it decreases and weakens. This will also allow us to effectively control the distribution of our materials and activism in each locality.

UNPACU cells carry out intense and daily work in favor of freedom and for the benefit of the population. For each problem that affects the population, UNPACU should seek or contribute to the search for an adequate solution. We must always work for the welfare of our people.

Can people who want to do so create new cells? Yes, upon agreement with the UNPACU management in the municipality, in the province, or at the national level. Every Cuban freedom and justice lover who is willing to fight for the democratization of our homeland through non-violent methods of struggle can found new cells, recruit new members, and empower and train them to develop an effective fight that will lead us to victory.

Do all UNPACU members have to be known publicly? No, those who wish to support the cause anonymously, at their discretion, for security or any other reasons, may also do so. In fact, for each public member of UNPACU there are approximately three or four activists who prefer to work discreetly. These anonymous activists carry out the work of printing and reproducing printed and audiovisual materials; they search for paper, ink and discs; repair mobile phones or DVD players; they get transportation, medicine and other necessary things for political prisoners; they serve as messengers between our main headquarters and the provinces, etc.


Yes, every Cuban living abroad can be a member of UNPACU. From the outside, much can also be done for the freedom and well-being of our nation.

It is possible to disseminate information about the work we do for the democratization of Cuba, it is possible to carry out how many peaceful activities a person or a group can think of, if they manage to form work teams. Those who can and wish it, they can give their material contribution.

Those living abroad can identify their vehicle or home with a small flag or the UNPACU logo, and then post it on social media. Activists within the country will be very encouraged to know that Cubans living in freedom carry out actions for the freedom of all, adding their support to this growing and unstoppable force in the fight for a better future.

It is also possible to work hard for the cause from social networks. Videos can be broadcast in solidarity with the victims of the repression, and all of us can express as much as we like about the struggle that unites us.Those who live abroad can communicate with those who fight in the national territory, and express their criteria, advise, say what they think is right or wrong, how we could do better, etc..


Any citizen of the free world who feels the need to be in solidarity with a people like the Cuban people, who fight for their freedom in very difficult conditions, can create solidarity groups and contact our organization. We are very grateful for all solidarity gesture of people of the free world.


If we all give our contribution to the democratization of our beautiful but long-suffering homeland, we can soon realize the dream of Martí and that of every good Cuban: a Cuba “with everyone and for the good of everyone,” a free, democratic, righteous Cuba, prosperous and fraternal.

The Patriotic Union of Cuba fights for the well-being and dignity of all Cubans, the worker, the peasant, the woman, the student, the self-employed, the child, the elderly, the sick, the one who suffers injustice, all of them in need. UNPACU is a determined fight for the good of the Homeland and is defined to service the suffering people. With UNPACU, Cuba wins!


Long live free Cuba!

The National Directorate of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU)

Santiago de Cuba. May 25, 2020


[*] Taken from the title of José Martí’s speech at the Cuban Lyceum in Tampa on November 26, 1891


12 thoughts on “Proposal to the Cuban Nation

  1. Eso es lo que todo el pueblo cubano debe de hacer,, y dejar el miedo a la transicion,,todos juntos podemos derrocar a esa dictadura y vivir como seres humanos,, alcanzar de una vez y por todas la LIBERTAD!!!! Cubanos Unios

  2. Apoyo a la UNIÓN PATRIÓTICA de CUBA por la libertad de nuestro país de modo pacífico , legal para una Cuba libre y democrática.

  3. Creo que son muy buenas medidas para acabar de tumbar esa tiranía que por años lo que ha hecho es aprovecharce de nosotros el pueblo cubano que siempre hemos tenido una venda en los ojos , pero ya es hora de sacarla y mirar la realidad y dejar el miedo en el que vivimos porque todos los países del mundo tienen derechos y se respetan y cada uno de nosotros tenemos derecho de reclamar que se respete nuestro derecho como siudadano y empezar a luchar contra todo ese régimen castrista

  4. Exactamente lo que una Cuba nueva necesita. Que Viva Cuba Libre y prospera. Que Dios nos bendiga a todos.

  5. Me uno a la causa que libera a mi país cuba de un gobierno corrupto y genocida. Creo que cuba necesita un cambio de gobierno porque el que tiene nos está matando. Creo En la labor, la valentía y la integridad de FERRER y en las damas de blanco, apoyo 100 % la labor de la UNPACU. Me dueles cuba y como cubana te llevo en mi corazón, un corazón que llora lágrimas de sangre porque hoy no eres libre. Abajo la tiranía Castro-Canel. Libertad para Mi Pueblo!!!

  6. UNPACU Represent Cuban Honor agains Castro’s dictators. Cuban History is plenty of figths again dictators that merge on more dictatorships. I firmly believe that UNPACU wants a future Cuba for all cubans where everybody have their place and negotiations and agreements replace the present repressive and isolated and assassin Cuban Communist Government.

  7. Me llamo Yudith Sánchez, soy cubana y estoy de acuerdo con todo lo que nos ayude a liberar nuestra nación. Aunque no regrese nunca a mi patria , quiero vivir sabiendo que mis hermanos son libres y respetados.
    Si puedo colaborar con humildad lo hare, solo me tienen que decir cómo hacerlo.

    1. Si quiere ayudar a la UNPACU, los presos políticos, los necesitados, o nuestro activismo, deje su nombre y cómo quiere ayudar en estos Whatsapp: Contacto principal: +1 (512) 771-9592 Contacto secundario: +1 (512) 871-9348

  8. Hola y buenos dias a todos

    He leido la propuesta senalada aqui en este articulo a la nacion cubana. Me parece un programa completo y actualizado a dia de hoy.

    Igualmente, quisiera aportar mi granito de propuesta en base a experiencias que he tenido estando en varios paises que salieron del comunismo.

    Uno de los puntos que un nuevo Gobierno va a tener que luchar en contra es la corrupcion a todos los niveles de Gobierno y Administracion local.

    Me dirijo con una propuesta de plan de accion para poner a punto el bienestar de la poblacion cubana.

    Recordar que hoy en dia el ciclo de vida de los servicios y productos en el mundo no sobrepasa los dos anos.

    Por eso mi propuesta es la dimision del Gobierno actual al no cumplir con su deber moral de implantar el bienestar en la poblacion cubana.

    Con el nuevo Gobierno poner a punto un plan de Reconstruccion Economica por maximo dos anos — no cinco anos — dos anos de reconstruccion economica.

    Mi justificacion esta dada debido a la potencial aplicacion de nuevas y avanzadas tecnologia existentes en el Mundo y su posible implementacion en Cuba.

    En lo siguiente — se debe realizar una rotacion del Gobierno al cabo de esos dos anos de reconstruccion.
    Esto esta dado para evitar la corrupcion a niveles de Poder.

    El siguiente Gobierno debe dedicarse a la consolidacion de la economia cubana para llegar en los siguientes dos anos a los niveles de antes del ano 1959. Mi justificacion esta dada por la capacidad de la poblacion cubana y su economia de dar saltos enormes que se vieron antes del 1959 en solo siete anos.

    O sea, se puede lograr un bienestar en la poblacion cubana con un Gobierno que este conectado a la poblacion que es fuente de dinero para la Caja Estatal.

    Con esto propondria los siguientes terminos de cambios socio-economicos.
    — elegir nuevos miembros del Gobierno capaces y competentes en gestion del pais en base de ciencias economicas y practicas que han dado resultado en el desarrollo del bienestar de la poblacion.
    Esta eleccion puede durar dos meses cuanto maximo. Dos meses para elegir un nuevo Gobierno en Cuba.
    Digamos: –> Marzo 2021

    — Implantacion de la reconstruccion economica en dos anos –> termino: Julio 2023
    — Implantacion de la consolidacion economica en dos anos: Horizonte de hasta –> enero 2027.

    He puesto terminos con algunas reservas para casos imprevistos de terremotos, pandemias. huracanes, causas mayores.

    Pero asi todos tenemos una idea de la capacidad de los nuevos Gobiernos de lograr los objetivos.

    Si hasta entonces no se han logrado, sera solo debido a la corrupcion y desinteres del Gobierno en el bienestar de la poblacion — para lo cual se debera elegir de nuevo un Gobierno hasata se encuentre un equilibrio en intereses.
    Este proceso debe estar garantizado por la Constitucion.

    Si se empieza de ahora — se puede llegar al 2027 con exitos socio-economicos tales como:
    1. Eliminacion de la libreta
    2. Eliminacion de las colas para obtener productos y servicios basicos.
    3. Informatizacion de los procesos administrativos del Gobierno hacia el ciudadano.
    4. Capacidad del ciudadano de elegir la compania, negocio o empresa para recibir los productos y servicios deseados.
    5. Capacidad de la economica cubana de hacer frente a situaciones por fuerza mayor, incluidos los efectos de los cambios climaticos, sin decaer el nivel de bienestar de la poblacion cubana.
    6. Elevacion de la calidad de los servicios y productos.
    7. Capacidad de la poblacion de elegir que informacion desea recibir, incluyendo mayor transparencia por parte del Gobierno en la gestion de la finanzas que este recibe en base a los impuestos a los ciudadanos.
    8. La poblacion va a poder elegir donde y a que pais quiera trabajar sin poner en peligro la legalidad del proceso.
    9. La poblacion va a poder viajar a otros paises sin explicaciones al Gobierno — El Gobierno va a facilitar a la poblacion la posibilidad a los ciudadanos de poder recibir asistencia del Estado a todos los cubanos dentro y fuera del pais.

    Espero esto sirva para despertar el apetito a empezar a trabajar en el bienestar de la poblacion para todos los cubanos dentro y fuera del pais.

    Cuba se merece tener una poblacion y un Gobierno que esten en contacto.

    Saludos y buen dia a todos.
    — Daniel Iglesias.

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