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  • The State Security Forces have declare, but we give no credibility to the statement, an official of the Ministry of the Interior would have died in this skirmish between the population and the State Security forces in the neighborhood of Altamira. However, it seems he this is still alive and has been in the hospital for damages of the stoning of neighbors.
  • The UNPACU condemns the use of any act of violence against the State Security Forces and Political Police.
  • The struggle of the UNPACU is peaceful, our activists are trained in courses on the subject, and the sum to the denunciation of the rights of the Cuban people should follow the peaceful course to avoid fratricide and seek a peaceful transition based on the reconciliation of the people of Cuba.
  • The State Security Forces have been quick to blame the UNPACU activists, when they were even longer in the scene.
  • There have also been injuries among paramilitary government forces which, completely intoxicated by alcohol, exerted violence and threw stones in Maffo, Contramaestre, one of them affecting their own ranks.

Santiago de Cuba, December 13th 2013. Reports: José Daniel Ferrer (UNPACU’s Executive Secretary).

In a statement from Santiago de Cuba, José Daniel Ferrer explained that these aret the first cases of violence that have been taken from civilians against the State Security Forces and Police in reaction from the violence unleashed by these against his neighbor activists of the UNPACU.

The violence have been taken place in the neighborhood of Altamira, in Santiago de Cuba, where, prior to this violence, 23 activists from the UNPACU were detained in a very violent way by the State Security with anti-riot units and paramilitary forces, even with tear gas. The information that the State Security has given to our activists is that an official of the State Security would have died, but this extreme is believed from UNPACU to be false.

Currently still remain 19 detained activists from that “razzia” and two more the day after:

  • Emenelio Céspedes Hernández
  • Gohart Cruz Zamora
  • Daniel Barrier Sanjurjo
  • Wilton Castañeda
  • Wilber Cevantes
  • Ernesto Giménez Rodríguez
  • Angel Besses Veiries
  • Yanisleidis Fong
  • Damaris Cabrera
  • Marta Marrero
  • Libertad Paneque
  • Eduardo Fernández
  • David Fernández
  • Yaidel Martínez
  • Solange de la Caridad Claramunt Ribaflecha
  • Yoisel García
  • Daraiza Correoso Pozo
  • Jesús Herrera Ramos
  • Yoandris Betancourt Castellanos
  • Eulises Reyes Ramis
  • Enmanuel Robert Claramunt (14 years old)

When violence took place our activists were not even on the scene. It seems, according to neighbors’ report, that the population started stoning the State Security forces.

However, the State Security officials are accusing our activists Gohart Cruz, Doraiza Correoso Pozo, Solange de la Caridad Claramunt Ribaflecha (White Lady), Joysi García Martínez (independent journalist not affiliated to the UNPACU), Jesus Herrera Ramos and Emenelio Céspedes Hernández, not of being the authors of this case of violence but of “causing the previous atmosphere” which has given rise to the neighbors to stone the State Security forces.

In Maffo, Contramaestre, drunk paramilitary forces offenders released so many stoned so indiscriminately against houses and opponents that some of them seemed that fell to themselves in a cross fire due to their  alcohol intoxication levels, very usual in paramilitary forces when facing pacific activists campaigns. In that case, however, there has been no accusations against the UNPACU or their activists for these injuries.

You can listen to the statements of José Daniel Ferrer here:

Unfortunately, this violence of the population breaks out between neighbors as a response to the extreme violence that repressive forces have been developed against dissidents.

UNPACU alert for its clear and forceful position against the use of violence, and also that the episodes of this type would be used by the police against the UNPACU activism, as if it could come from this organization, organization that is antagonistic to violence.

We also call the population to calm down in the use of any method of violence and, however, use this energy and frustration for the lack of freedom and rights to unite and work for, as they have already done more than 8,000 affiliated activists in UNPACU, with peaceful organizations dissidents from human rights, which is the only way to achieve a social mass that leads inexorably to a peaceful but firm transition towards democracy and human rights in the island.


José Daniel Ferrer, Cuba, Secretario Ejecutivo  Telephone: +53 53 14 6740 / +53 58 32 3612

Félix Navarro Rodríguez, Cuba, Coordinador General

  Telephone: +53 53 68 87 45

Guillermo Fariñas, Cuba, Portavoz

  Telephone: +53 52 41 5709

Luis Enrique Ferrer, Miami, Rep. en el Exterior

  Telephone: +1 786 553 1666

Email: unpacu@gmail.com

Javier Larrondo, Madrid, Rep. en Unión Europea

  Telephone: +34647564741

Email: info@unpacu.org

Website from Unión Patriótica de Cuba:www.unpacu.org

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