Solidarity and Firmness: UNPACU and Cuba Decide call for peaceful demonstrations


Our response to the increased repression of the regime against peaceful opposition and citizenship on the occasion of the celebration of the Joint Council between the Dictatorship and the European Union in Cuba.

Members of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) and promoters of Cuba Decide, after a thorough analysis of the notable increase in repression for political reasons and violations of the rights of the Cuban people, have decided to summon Cubans to demonstrate publicly next Sunday, September 8, at 10 am. Let’s go to parks and other public places in our country, to express:

  1. Our solidarity with the brave Ladies in White , repressed week after week by the dictatorship; journalists and independent artistsdefenders of religious freedoms and LGBTI activists who suffer persecution; and all the peaceful people and organizations that promote respect for human rights and the change of system towards democracy in Cuba.
  2. Our rejection of repression against the Independent Civil Society and the people in general:

-No more political prisoners.

-No more police abuse against defenseless citizens.

-No more Cubans victims of violations of their right to leave and return to their country.

-No more beatings and torture in prisons.

-No more assaults and robberies in the homes of dissidents.

-No more violent detentions, harassment and persecution against peaceful human rights defenders.

  1. Our repudiation of the implementation of a Political Dialogue, Cooperation and Trade Agreement (PDCA) between the European Union and the Castro-communist regime that has not been conditioned to concrete changes in the country’s political-economic system that guarantee the cessation of repression and Respect for the basic freedoms of citizens, in open contradiction with the principles practiced by European nations.
  2. Our request to the European Union to demand the participation of civil society and the opposition in any negotiation process with the dictatorship; and slow down the implementation of the PDCA until the specific reforms required by the regime are clarified. Reforms that should include:
    • The release of all political prisoners and the total harassment and violence of State Security and the police against human rights defenders and citizens.
    • The recognition of the civil, political, economic and cultural rights of Cubans , including the right to change the country’s political system into a binding referendum to allow citizens to participate in free, fair and plural elections for the first time in more than 60 years.

We appeal to the solidarity of the international community to curb the impunity of the tyranny that intends to lash out at our coordinators and activists with new assaults, robberies, violent detentions and imprisonment, as they have done in the past in the face of the silence of European negotiators. We hope that this time the voice of Europe will be raised in the person of its High Representative to support those who defend the same democratic values ​​that the European Union professes.

To a greater repression of tyranny, greater firmness and solidarity of those who fight for a free, democratic, fair and prosperous Cuba.

Sign this:

Members of the UNPACU and promoters of Cuba Decide.


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