Wave of political repression in Cuba several days before the CELAC Summit




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1. The Government of Cuba unleashed a real wave of political repression against peaceful dissidents, mainly between days 23 and 26 of this month, in order to muzzle the opposition groups so that they could not raise the voice during the next Conference the CELAC Summit.

2. Due to the closed nature of the regime of type neo-estalinista of unique, prevailing party in Cuba for more than half a century, it is impossible to have all the names of the persons concerned by the repression of these days right now, but we are able to ensure that at least 40 were arbitrarily arrested by the powerful secret political police; 18 were victims of threats, warnings, and other forms of harassment and at least 5 remain subject to extra-judicial domiciliary arrest “until the end of the Summit”. (See annex below)

3. The most disturbing arrests include José Daniel Ferrer and Yusmila Reina Ferrera, Directors of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), who were abducted in a street of Havana, around 3 p.m. this Friday 24, and remained missing for 48 hours until they were released in Santiago de Cuba.

4. The Government representatives argued that such measures were designed to prevent expressions or meetings that could “spoil” the CELAC Summit.
5. According to research, two dozens of pro-democracy activists were planning to participate in two small parallel closed-door forums, to analyze the unrestricted fulfilment by the Government of Cuba, of the principles and values that serve as a foundation to the CELAC and which can be recognized in its Constitution documents and approved at the Summit. Because of the repression, both forums have been aborted manu militari.

6. While the vast majority of the detainees have already been released (as arrests were pursuing purely intimidation purposes, as well as threats), were not allowed to any immediate communication with their family.

7. The CCDHRN makes a call to the Cuban Government not to continue with their repressive, absolutely unjustified actions in the three days remaining to close the Summit of CELAC or subsequent to it.

 Firma Elizardo Sánchez - CCDHRNSello CCDHRN

Elizardo Sánchez Santa Cruz-Pacheco
Founder and Spokesperson,
Ex- Prisoner of Concience

Havana, January 27, 2014

– PARTIAL REPRESSION LISTS ON CELAC’S SUMMIT IN CUBA (until 07:00 of January 27, 2014) –

(Link to original document)

Partial list of detainees in police stations


1. José Daniel Ferrer García

2. Yusmila Reina Ferrera

3. Yoandri Gutiérrez Vargas

4. Félix Navarro Rodríguez

5. Eduardo Díaz Fleitas

6. Guillermo Fariñas Hernández

7. Arturo Acosta Guillén

8. Hugo Damián Prieto Blanco

9. Rev. Mario Félix Leonart

10. Junior Ramírez Roca

11. Vladimir Calderón Frías

12.Emiliano González Olivera

13. Roberto Rodríguez Cardona

14. Suanes Vicente Luque

15. Junior Bermúdez Roca

16. Manuel Ramón Recio Machado

17. Ivonne Lemus Fonseca

18. Belkis Felicia Jorrín Morfa

19. Victoria Díaz Morfa

20. Nancy Ramona Paz

21. Mariney Hechevarría González

22. Raisa Pino Hechevarría

23. Lázaro Mendoza García

24. Ricardo Luna Rodríguez

25. José Díaz Silva

26. Regla Ríos Casado

27. Andrés Pérez Suárez

28. Raicel Rodríguez Rivero

29. Henry Rey Rodríguez

30. Rolando Reyes Rabanal

31. Francisco L. Concepción Díaz

32. Jorge Luís Cedeño Marrero

33. Andrés A. Domínguez Beltrán

34. Luís A. Domínguez Sardiñas

35. Dianelys Iraida Flores Ramos

36. Jansette Boza Garrido

37. Yunieski Gainza Acosta

38. Adis Nidia Dayet Urgelles

39. Mileysi Díaz Seijas

40. Yunaisi Alemán Ferreira

41. Pablo E. Camero Romero

42. Mario MoragasRamos

43. Kirenia Jiménez Molina

Domiciliary Arrests


1. Oscar Elías Biscet

2. José Antonio Fornaris

3. Jorge Luís García Pérez

4. Iris T. Pérez Aguilera

5. Roberto Valdivia Hernández

Threats and other harassment acts


1. María López Baéz

2. Antonio Pérez Romero

3. Jorge Luís Cruz Guerra

4. Héctor Palacios Ruíz

5. Gisela Delgado Sablón

6. Idalberto Acuña Carabeo

7. Kirenia Díaz Argüelles

8. Joel Arteaga Cuello

9. Mario Alberto Hernández

10. Raúl Risco Pérez

11. Yoani Sánchez Cordero

12. Reinaldo Escobar

13. Víctor Manuel Domínguez

14. Jorge Olivera Castillo

15. Julio Aleaga Pesant

16. Juan A. Madrazo Luna

17. Rebeca Toirac Martínez

18. Yorka Barreras Reyes

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